Author: David Cropley

Dave has been programming computers for over 30 years. It's more of an obsession than a hobby! As well as having his own moderately successful Crystals retail business, Dave used to work as a Web Developer for a company called Radikls, a web design company in the South of the UK. Dave is also a member of the presitgious Havik eSports Team.

How to flash a bin file to USB 0 (0)

Q. How do you flash a bin file for a firmware update or the like to a USB? A. You don’t need to ‘flash it’ although some explainers will tell you to do this. Older hardware will use different filesystems such as FAT32 or EXT3 (or another version) as they may be based on a […]

Hosting and Web Design 5 (2)

Tauri Emotum’s Web Design and Hosting Services are now available to the public. What you get… Initial 5-page web design in WordPress delivered within 14 days or less depending on your cooperation and satisfaction with the design. You will also have access to make your own changes if you wish. Instead of a WordPress site, […]

How to login to Windows at startup without having to use your password everytime 5 (2)

Ever wanted your PC to just simply boot up without having to login to Windows? Yes, you can create a local account in Windows but what if you need to use your Microsoft account? Just follow these steps… Hold the Windows key (bottom left of the keyboard between CTRL and ALT) and press R to […]

Earn Bitcoin by mining using a PC / CPU / Graphics Card 0 (0)

Did you know you can earn Bitcoin on your PC very easily with Honeyminer? Traditionally this is only possible with an ASIC computer. Honeyminer uses your CPU and/or your GPU to collect Satoshi (which can be seen as a fraction of a Bitcoin, much like a penny is a fraction of a pound) in the […]

Mass update WooCommerce product status using phpMyAdmin 0 (0)

After importing your products you might find they’re all set to ‘Private’ so you may want to set them to Published. NB. Always backup your files and database first! Simply log onto phpMyAdmin and select your Word Press database. Click on SQL in the top menu and paste the following code in. UPDATE wp_posts SET […]

How do I use the latest version of php with Windows IIS? 0 (0)

Once you’ve installed php on IIS using the web platform installer, you might find that your websites do not automatically use the latest version. I had this problem while using Windows Server 2016. If you go to handler mappings in IIS (either by selecting it for your whole server or one particular site) you can […]

How do I save a file in notepad with a different extension? 0 (0)

If you’ve ever tried saving a file from notepad with a different file extension,you might find that sometimes it works,but sometimes it doesn’t. Example: you save a file as index.php and it turns out it’s call index.php.txt The problem is that notepad will often add a .txt extension to the file even if you have […]

Open source eCommerce Carts 0 (0)

There are plenty of Open source (freeware) shopping carts to use as your eCommerce website. Here are some of our favourites… Opencart – “Everything you need to create, scale and run your business” Magento – “The world’s biggest brands love Magento for its flexibility, because today’s consumers and their buying patterns are changing by the […]