My Portfolio List

Examples of my (David Cropley) previous work (private clients only)…

Messvill radio site setup & hosting with streaming of their live radio station:


Freeplay main site design:


Freeplay downloads site coding & hosting:


Green website installation & hosting:


Blog for a Doctor of Eduction’s WordPress site, installation & hosting.

A Home and Garden blog site, installation & hosting


Updating website and plugins, debugging and optimising, adding eBay integration, Adwords Campaign management and MS Access database reprogramming for a Gardening Company.


Long term building, maintenance and hosting of a crystals site.


Setup, hosting and design of website focused on a climate change book.


Mass update WooCommerce product status

After importing your products you might find they’re all set to ‘Private’ so you may want to set them to Published. NB. Always backup your files and database first! Simply log onto phpMyAdmin and select your Word Press database. Click on SQL in the top menu and paste the following code in. UPDATE wp_posts SET …

Ho do I use the latest version of php with Windows IIS?

Once you’ve installed php on IIS using the web platform installer, you might find that your websites do not automatically use the latest version. I had this problem while using Windows Server 2016. If you go to handler mappings in IIS (either by selecting it for your whole server or one particular site) you can …

How do I save a file in notepad with a different extension?

If you’ve ever tried saving a file from notepad with a different file extension,you might find that sometimes it works,but sometimes it doesn’t. Example: you save a file as index.php and it turns out it’s call index.php.txt The problem is that notepad will often add a .txt extension to the file even if you have …