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Examples of my (David Cropley) previous work (private clients only)…

Messvill radio site setup & hosting with streaming of their live radio station:


Freeplay main site design:


Freeplay downloads site coding & hosting:


Green website installation & hosting:


Blog for a Doctor of Eduction’s WordPress site, installation & hosting.

A Home and Garden blog site, installation & hosting


Updating website and plugins, debugging and optimising, adding eBay integration, Adwords Campaign management and MS Access database reprogramming for a Gardening Company.


Long term building, maintenance and hosting of a crystals site.


Setup, hosting and design of website focused on a climate change book.

About Us

Tauri Emotum is..

A collection of private small programming and web design projects by me, David Cropley.


How do I save a file in notepad with a different extension?

If you’ve ever tried saving a file from notepad with a different file extension,you might find that sometimes it works,but sometimes it doesn’t. Example: you save a file as index.php and it turns out it’s call index.php.txt The problem is that notepad will often add a .txt extension to the file even if you have …

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