Earn Bitcoin by mining using a PC / CPU / Graphics Card

Did you know you can earn Bitcoin on your PC very easily with Honeyminer? Traditionally this is only possible with an ASIC computer.

Honeyminer uses your CPU and/or your GPU to collect Satoshi (which can be seen as a fraction of a Bitcoin, much like a penny is a fraction of a pound) in the background on your computer while you carry on with other things. It does this by mining for cryptos that don’t need an ASIC device to mine, equating them to Satoshis (a Bitcoin fraction named after the argued Bitcoin founder who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto).

These Satoshi can then be transferred to a Bitcoin wallet where you keep all of your Bitcoins (there is a small fractional fee for the transfer). An easy to use and very popular cryptocurrency wallet can be found at CoinBase where you can send and receive cryptos with a special address for your wallet as well as being able to transfer to and from traditional real-world currency. There will often be a small fee associated with transactions.

For another good clean and simple example of a wallet take a look at HolyTransaction where you can store and exchange for other cryptocurrency or even everyday currency, again there may be a small fee for conversion.

For more complex cryptocurrency trading you could use a platform such as Poloniex which has realtime multi-currency value tracking, trading between currencies, and a multi-currency wallet to use.

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