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Tauri Emotum’s Web Design and Hosting Services are now available to the public.

What you get…

  • Initial 5-page web design in WordPress delivered within 14 days or less depending on your cooperation and satisfaction with the design. You will also have access to make your own changes if you wish.
  • Instead of a WordPress site, you can opt for a base setup of an OpenCart of PrestaShop eCommerce store instead.
  • 1 year’s hosting for your website on a Litespeed fully secured server worth £120.
  • 1 free standard SSL – this will ensure the security of your site and in fact, Google Chrome will often show a warning if your site does not have it. If you have an eCommerce site you may wish to consider a business SSL, which would be chargeable. With a standard SSL, your site address will change from HTTP to HTTPS and a padlock will show in the browser to illustrate that is secure. SSL means that any data that your visitors send you is encrypted before it is sent over the internet, making it very unlikely that a hacker could intercept and interpret any sensitive data.
  • Up to 4 hours of updates and maintenance for text, images, CSS (colour schemes and layouts) for the year.
  • Installation of a backup plugin to keep a regular backup of your WordPress site.
  • Installation of WooCommerce if you want an eCommerce shop and basic setup help if required.
  • Free (for one year) .uk domain of your choice included. You may also use your own domain if you have one already, or we can arrange for alternative top-level domains to be added depending on the cost of the domain.
  • 3 x @yourdoman email addresses with 1GB storage if your domain is hosted with us [or if you point your domain to our nameservers].

Optional additional costs…

  • Additional artwork should either provided by yourself or I can arrange for custom images or logos at an extra cost for you.
  • Extra pages are priced at £30 per page and will include adding additional text and images to your new page.
  • Additional maintenance above your free quota is charged at £25 per hour.
  • In some cases, custom PHP (the computer language that WordPress is written in) or plugin addition and coding may be available at an hourly rate of £50 per hour (depending on if it is possible to do) this can be used to reprogram parts of WordPress in order to make it do extra special things.
  • Business eCommerce SSL security certificates are available from £80. There may be an additional admin cost of £40 if you would like us to install a certificate that you have purchased yourself.
  • Additional 1GB storage for an email address charged at £10 per year. Extra email address for your domain charged at £10 per year.
  • Extra year domain registration available depending on the cost of the domain. Eg. £15 for a .uk domain including the admin fee.
  • There will be a £25 admin charge if you wish to transfer a domain out from us.
  • Additional years hosting available at £120 per year.

Full payment is required at beginning of the contract. 14-day cooling-off period. If you wish to terminate after the cooling-off period, you will be reimbursed at a rate of 25% of the remaining years’ cost based on the initial charge including extra email storage but excluding any domain name purchases.

Please note if you want an eCommerce site, we may add one or a few products to get you started but listing all the rest of your inventory will generally be for you to do. If it’s not too many you want me to add for you we can negotiate a price for me to do this for you.

Already have a website that you just want hosting for?

We can host your existing site for you (including a MYSQL database) including 4 hours of maintenance + standard SSL).

What are you waiting for?

Visit the shop to buy a new site or hosting now

or contact me for any further information.

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