Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions without notice.

Key: We/us/our – refers to Tauri Emotum and it’s staff members, You/your/yours – refers to you the customer.


  • We will not be held legally responsible for site content. This is your responsibility. We do not allow illegal, pornographic or politically hurtful content to be hosted and reserve the right to immediately withdraw hosting privileges if found on a site we are hosting.
  • We will not be held legally or financially responsible for any loss of business or other form or loss due to our servers being down or incorrect information being displayed which has provided to us by you.
  • Occasionally during server maintenance there will be a short period of downtime. Where possible we will try to notify you if this is happening. Extended periods due to error could possibly entitle you to a partial refund at a rate specified on the product page.
  • We will not be held responsible for situations out of our control – eg. hacking of your site by an intruder, although we our best to have proper security measures in place. We recommend strong passwords for your admin accounts.


  • We and you both have the right to cancel the contract at any time but usually with 30-days notice. Refunds for remaining contract time will be given without question if 30-days notice is adhered to. Hourly rates and setup can be refunded immediately if work has not commenced.


  • We trust that you will not attempt to access any areas on our server which you are not permitted to do unless authorised by us.
  • Please see Disclaimer for site content policy.
  • Please see Cancellation for cancellation policy.
  • Privacy Policy – we use cookies on this site to track typical user data. We do not share any of your information with third parties. We use Google Analytics to track visitor statistics – you can opt-out of this with a browser tool from Google by clicking here.
  • You have the right to request removal of any of your data held by us at any time.
  • You have the right to view and amend any of your data at any time.
  • We do not pass any of your information to third parties.
  • Your information is only used for simple account order processing and if we need to contact you.

Contract between you and us

  • By purchasing a product from us we agree to provide the agreed service at a reasonably high service level to you for the specified amount of time. Penalties may be due from us as we have stipulated if this service level is not provided.
  • We are reasonable people and will be more than happy to refund you if you are not happy for any reason.
  • Some products such as call-outs and domain or SSL certificate purchases cannot be refunded once initiated – you will have a window of cancellation before the order is processed – please contact ASAP if you have any doubts whatsoever before proceeding with these products.
  • You agree not to publish any illegal, pornographic, anti-defamatory, racist, derogatory or politically extreme material on your site. We will monitor content and reserve the right to immediately shut down any site in breach of common decency, pending further invstigation and may withhold any refund in such cases.

Our main goal is to keep you, the customer, satisfied. Please contact us in the first instance if you have any questions or issues. We will usually try to respond within 48 hours where possible but please be patient should if we take slightly longer. Whenever we can, we will try to respond immediately to your query.